A New Way to Vape: CBD Oil

Posted by Stewart on Nov 6th 2018

When people think of vaping, they probably think of nicotine products, and there are a lot of them for vaping! However, there is a newer product around that could give those who use it a whole new lease on life. It does involve weed, but it is completely legal in the State of New York where Cloud99 Vapes is located.

Weed is comprised mainly of two active components: THC, which is the part that makes you feel stoned and CBD, which is a medicinal component that eases pain and even anxiety. CBD extract is available in the form of edibles, teas, or even a cartridge that you can use in your vaporizer or e-cigarette -- and it is legal to use. CBD oil has been used with a lot of success to treat conditions like epilepsy -- in one prominent case even reducing a girl’s seizure activity by 99%.

CBD oil is technically legal because it contains less than 0.3% THC and is derived from hemp not grown in the US. However the FTC has said that no one can make medical claims about CBD despite it’s obvious medical benefits. Be mindful though, some experts do suggest that you make sure the CBD oil you consume is top notch. Cannabis researcher Lex Pelger warns of CBD made from industrial hemp paste in China, which sometimes contains heavy metals which could make the product more harmful than helpful.

Fortunately, Cloud99 Vapes offers only high-purity, lab-tested CBD products that offer a safe and legal way to get the positive effects of marijuana. Frank DeGrasse, co-owner of Cloud99 Vapes told the Village Voice what kind of high you can get from CBD oil: “When you vape the CBD liquid it almost feels like vaping a... strain of marijuana: happy, content, calm, but you’re not high, you’re completely thinking clearly.”

Feel like giving it a try? Stop in to Cloud99 Vapes!