​Stay Vaping in NYC With UberRUSH and Cloud99

Posted by Stewart on Feb 22nd 2016

You trust Uber to get you to that party on a moment's notice, but will you trust them to bring you e-juice when you run out at the worst possible time?

UberRUSH is a brand new service we're excited to partner with and offer for the first time to vapers in New York City. It's a delivery service only available in a select few metropolitan areas -- New York being one of them. UberRUSH allows partnered businesses both large and small to provide their customers with fast, cheap, on-demand deliveries. In New York City the deliveries are made by couriers on bike, car and foot. You may be thinking to yourself that you’ve already been getting things delivered by courier for years, but you've never been able to get these prices on deliveries before. Deliveries are made in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn and starts at only $5.

You can order food from your favorite restaurant, get groceries from the market or just order up your favorite e-liquid and get it delivered. Experts have labeled it a competitor to the app Postmates, which offers a similar service, but doesn’t have the best reviews. The great thing is, with Cloud99's custom UberRUSH integration you don't need an Uber account or the Uber app. The delivery process is completely transparent to the customer. Just order by phone at (917) 639-3938 or online at cloud99vapes.com and choose UberRUSH Delivery for the shipping method. We'll be instantly notified at the store, pack up your order, and hand it off to the next available Uber courier. Most deliveries are completed in less than one hour and you track the progress of your package as it makes its way to your door!

Don’t worry, your Uber courier won’t be delivering any passengers at the same time as your package -- Uber partners can deliver passengers or packages, but not both at the same time.

Sometimes it's a hassle to roll out of bed, hop on the subway and make it down to the East Village. If you’re feeling this way, just order up the e-juice you need from our NYC store and get it delivered right to your door from the very same service you trusted to get your drunk butt home the night before. We're here for you.