Why are electronic cigarettes blowing up?

Posted by Johnson on Sep 19th 2016

Are vaporizers and electronic cigarettes dangerous? What aspects of a setup is most prone to causing damage or being harmful? Why are they blowing up?

A vape can be broken down very simply into two parts, the mod (battery) and the tank. However, mods come in two main varieties: built-in battery vs. replaceable battery. The obvious takeaway is that all e-cigarettes use batteries and these batteries are a big cause of commotion/wariness among media and vapers. Built-in batteries are just like the ones in our phones, laptops, and other portable electronic devices; this means they should be treated with care and without misuse nor abuse.

The replaceable batteries are considered a more advanced setup. These batteries do not have physical protections offered like Duracell and other AA or AAA batteries we’re used to. Instead, these batteries must be stored and transported with extreme care. Because the batteries have an exposed positive and negative pin, any contact with metal objects such as coins or keys can create a short circuit and cause the battery to vent (emitting gases and heat) or ignite. 

Since these batteries do not have built in protection, it’s important for vapers to only venture into 18350, 18650, 26650, etc. mods when they’ve done ample research on how to handle them safely. Batteries should either be in a vape, in a charging bay, or a case at all times. No exceptions. If batteries are left out in the open or cluttered in a bin or bag, it only increases the chances of an accident that could have been avoided. 

Another important thing for battery maintenance is the condition of the battery wrap and pins. If the battery wrap is starting to chip or peel, it can be rewrapped by yourself if you watch and learn from youtube videos. If there are any dents or weird protrusions in the battery’s surface, it is time to replace your battery.